Group Accommodations

B & R Stables is pleased to be able to accommodate groups of people to celebrate their functions with us, or just to be able to ride with a group of friends. For further information on group activities, please contact Patti for information on prices and availability.

Birthday Parties for All Ages

Birthday parties are available for booking 7 days a week, depending on weather and availability. We do have very well behaved horses, so we are a perfect pick for children's birthday celebrations. Children do need to be 10 years old to ride. We can accommodate up to 10 children per ride, so whether you'd like to make this a friends birthday bash, or a small family oriented celebration, B & R Stables is perfect for all occassions.

There are picnic tables available to use before and after your ride, if you would like to serve cake and refreshments, and open birthday gifts. When the weather gets a little chillier, there is also an outdoor fireplace, that you are welcome to warm up next to.

Girl Scout Troops

Come and earn your Horseback Riding Merit badges. We offer a short riding lesson in the ring before going out onto the trail, to give the girls basic horsemanship skills.

We welcome troops to come and take part. If we can't fit all of the girls on one ride, we will split them up and make seperate rides and lessons for the groups. But we will make sure everyone has fun, and learns a little bit more about horses.

Park and Recreation Departments

During the summer months, Park and Recreation Departments are welcome to schedule programs for children and adults to come riding every week as part of the programs that they offer. Each week, a certain time will be set aside for your Recreation Department to accommoadte your group. If all riders cannot ride at the same time, additional trial rides will be scheduled back to back to allow everyone to ride together.

During the summer months, Parks and Recreation Departments are welcome to schedule weekly rides, however, we also offer single days scheduled periodically throughout the months for a one time program. This seems to work very well for certian Recreation Departments and is a lot of fun for the participants.

Senior Citizen Groups

Recently this year, we began taking groups of Senior Citizens from Centers around the area for trail rides. It has become a very popular activity, and we encourage all Senior Centers in the area, to advertise to their members that trail riding is available.

Summer Camps/YMCA Camps

We specialize in providing summer camps with horses for their campers to ride each week. A short lesson is given in the ring before the trail ride, and each child has their own horse to ride and experience for themselves. This is a great program to teach children balance and coordination, and also let them enjoy the outdoors in the summertime.

Please contact Patti at the Stables if you are interested in signing your Camp up for riding each week.